PRECIOUS – Taipei Premier

Carhartt WIP 即將舉辦滑板影片《Precious》放映活動,活動中還有抽獎環節,誠摯邀請您一起來玩!

本項目為去年《Inside Out》長篇紀錄片系列的續集,由導演@joaquimbayle 所拍攝,將於2024年1月底正式發表。影片播放時間約為15分鐘,拍攝地點包括洛杉磯和紐約市,並聚焦於美國和歐洲的滑板團隊,觀看者可以同時經歷滑手們最真實的內在感受,沉浸於各個城市的滑板生活之中。


時間:1/26 (五) 18:00
滑手:@notis_aggelis, @ewingcaelenayala, @guyazu1ay, @bumpysmessage, @taylorjcaruso, @edmonz…and more

Carhartt WIP is organizing a screening event for the upcoming skateboarding film “Precious”, which includes a lottery segment. We cordially invite you to attend the event!
The movie is a sequel to last year’s documentary series “Inside Out” and was directed by @joaquimbayle. It is scheduled to be officially released at the end of January 2024, and it has a runtime of around 15 minutes. Shot in locations such as Los Angeles and New York City, the film focuses on skateboarding teams from the US and Europe. It aims to offer viewers an authentic glimpse into the skaters’ innermost thoughts and feelings and immerse them in the skateboarding culture of different cities. Please refer to the invitation details and venue provided below. We look forward to seeing you there!

Time:Jan 26th (Fri) 18:00
Location:No. 4, Alley 35, Lane 181, Section 4, Zhongxiao E Rd, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan
Skater:@notis_aggelis, @ewingcaelenayala, @guyazu1ay, @bumpysmessage, @taylorjcaruso, @edmonz…and more