Filmed & Edited by Five.

“Jerry is a next-generation skater from Taipei.”

Jerry is a next-generation skater from Taipei. He is sponsored by the Stable skate shop, a shop owned by Young Lu. Let’s watch the video of Jerry shredding at 9 club spots in the skateboard paradise of Taipei. Below is an interview with him.

Q1. Taiwan is known for its renowned films. Do you have a favorite work?

A1. I can’t pick a favorite, but I really like the unique narrative style of “The Great Buddha+” (“大佛普拉斯” in Chinese).

Q2. Can you tell me why you started skateboarding?

In junior high, a classmate brought a skateboard to school. After playing with it, a few friends and I decided to form a group. Since then, I have never stopped skateboarding. Unfortunately, all of my friends who started practicing with me have stopped playing, and now I am the only one left.

Q3. Which skateboarding spots do you usually visit in your hometown, and which location is your favorite in the video you shot?

I often go under the Xinsheng Bridge or to the Kunming Prevention and Control Center near Ximending. Unfortunately, the spot in front of the Prevention and Control Center has been turned into a garden. Their so-called garden is just a collection of potted plants made of hollow bricks, taking up a lot of space but still skateable. I love the spot in video where I do a manual before going downhill. I really enjoy downhill always.

Q4. What is your motto?

Don’t hesitate. If you want to do something, do it now!

Q5. Can you share with me your top three favorite skateboarding tricks?

My top three favorite skateboarding tricks are the Impossible, FS 180 nose manual, and BS tail slide on the bank.

Q6. What kind of store is your sponsor, Stable Skate Shop?

In addition to skateboards, STABLE also sells coffee and a selection of graffiti/music-related items. It is a place where people who love skateboarding, writing, and various creative pursuits can gather and enjoy.

Q7. What do you think the current skateboarding scene in Taiwan is lacking?

Most people have limited knowledge of skateboarding culture, and the proportion of those watching skateboarding videos is not high. I believe that watching more skateboarding videos not only helps with entertainment or learning tricks but also allows people to learn how to experience skateboarding in different ways and from different perspectives. Whether producing or appreciating videos, it’s something that should be done to promote the healthy development of this industry.

Q8. What are your goals for 2024?

My goals for 2024 are to graduate successfully from university, to skateboard more often, and to spend more time with my family.

Q1. 台灣以其著名的電影而聞名,你有最喜歡的作品嗎?


Q2. 告訴我你開始滑板的原因。


Q3. 在你的hometown你常去的滑板地點和你在此次拍攝的影片中最喜歡的地方。

最常去新生橋下或是西門的昆明防治中心,可惜現在防治中心前的spot改成花園,他們所謂的花園就是放了很多空心磚堆起來的盆栽,佔了很多空間但還是有辦法滑。我最喜歡影片中 manual人行道後down hill的spot,我很享受玩有下坡的spot。

Q4. 你的座右銘是什麼?


Q5. 分享一下你最喜歡的三個滑板招式

Impossible, FS 180 nose manual ,BS tail slide on bank

Q6. 你的贊助商 Stable 滑板店是什麼樣的店


Q7. 你認為目前在台灣的滑板環境中缺乏的是什麼?


Q8. 2024年你想要實現的目標是什麼?


Nose grind somewhere in Taipei. Photo by Kenji Haruta.